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Welcome all blushing brides and nervous grooms! You've come to the right place. By getting a head start on things, your day is guaranteed to go smoothly.

Take a look at our wedding and gift register or read on for some great tips from our Wedding Planner.

4 golden rules

There are 4 golden rules to remember in the coming nuptial mad months.

  • Always use a checklist. 
  • Prepare a wedding budget.
  • Don't feel bad about asking your friends and family for as much wedding help and advice as possible.
  • Remember to keep having a good time.

important things to remember

Who will attend?

How many wedding guests do you expect? (Allow for minimum and maximum attendance.)

Set up your Wedding Gift Registry

Give your guests some idea of what you would like. Living & Giving has an extensive wedding gift register. It is quick and easy to set up an account.

Book the venue

Book early. Then work backwards from that date in order to hit all of the important deadlines.

When will the wedding be held?

  • Have you checked religious and public holidays? (If it's a busy period, your guests may have trouble finding accommodation.)
  • What's your work pressure like at that time?
  • What's the weather like?

Is your passport valid?

Dont get caught short when it comes time for the honeymoon. Check expiry dates.

Have you booked your wedding support crew?

Some relevant people to consider: Photographer, videographer, caterer, cake designer, DJ or band and florist.

Get them sorted early, then take a break.

What about the Hen's do?

Are you arranging the party yourself? Is your bridal party arranging it for you? Here are some weird and wonderful ideas for an unforgettable night.

  • A GIRLS WEEKEND - Book a bach and leave town. Everyone will be in the mood to party.
  • AMAZING RACE - Chase clues, outwit your friends, race around town.
  • CULTURE VULTURE - Arrange the evening around a concert, a gallery opening or a sporting event.

 after the wedding

The day was a success. You were the most beautiful bride that anyone has ever seen. Don't forget the thank you cards.

It's considered good manners to send hand written thank you notes for every gift received up until the wedding and thereafter. A thank you email doesn't cut it.