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It might be a young person who has asthma; was born with cystic fibrosis; or lives with depression, ADHD or anxiety. Perhaps you know someone who was born with a heart condition; had a childhood cancer; or suffered serious burns.

These, and many others, are conditions for which Cure Kids has funded important medical research to improve, extend and save the lives of young New Zealanders.

We need your support to raise awareness for the vital role that medical research plays in the health and well-being of our young people and the urgent need to continue to invest in the best science to improve health outcomes for Kiwi kids.

You can connect to the cure by looking at the young people in your life that live with a health condition and telling New Zealand that you dream of the day when there are better treatments, and even possibly cures, for the condition that they live with and that this will only be possible if we continue to invest research.

For this campaign, we've teamed up with the All Blacks and we're borrowing the ritual that some rugby players use of taping their wrists. Cure Kids are calling on New Zealanders to band together and use this ritual to identify a child or a condition that they want to help cure.

What we would love you to do...

1. Show us who you know that needs a cure by wrapping your wrists in whatever you have handy and writing the name of the person or condition that needs a cure.

2. Upload a photo or video to one your social channels, use #curekids #connecttothecure and tag us @curekids

3. Encourage others to do the same - challenge your team mates, friends and family to wrap their wrists. Let's band together to fund the cures our kids need.

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